Eliminate 80% / Pareto Principle

A couple of days ago I bumped into the 20-80% rule, the so called Pareto Principle or Pareto efficiency using an other term. It is called the law of the vital few. It basicly means that roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. In terms of fashion - 80% of our outfits come from 20% of our closets.

I thought about it hard and deep and reviewed my wardrobe and I have to agree with the principle. Almost 80% of my clothes just sleep in my wardrobe untouched while the remaining 20% get worn off super fast.

What to do now that we are aware of it? Reorganize. Throw away. Free some space. Eliminate the unneccessary.

What can be in your superfluous 80%? 


Is fashion really for rich dummies?

People who happen to have some sort of interest in fashion tend to be judged by 'the smart people of the world' as shallow and as someone who has way too much money for their level of intellect.
The charges are: there are more important values in like than appearance, there are more important activities than shopping and playing dressing up, there are more important obligations in life that require your money and a intelligent person won't waste their money on clothes and everything related.

Who are these 'smart people of the world'?
The jealous, who lacks in either fashion sense, money, aesthetics or motivation.
The busy, who has no time for a bullshit stuff like fashion so just row the superfluous fashion industry and everybody who thinks the opposite.
The other kind of the busy, who brags about the very very very important activities in life that are the true meaning of life and besides those, fashion has no place to exist. (this is actually quite common between fresh moms who has no time for such things like dressing up or shopping.)

These are quite sad to write as I've already written an article of the importance on style and self-expression with fashion. Not he mention the power of first sight. You can have a wondelfull personality, but a misarable outside can perfectly hide it. And not having an expressive personal style makes you have to talk more about who you are and what you want.
The whining of the fashion hater moms isn't surprising either that they can hardly find any jobs. Employers doesn't like shitty appearance, surprising, isn't it?

(Stylish moms, don't get it personal) and it is not about hurting anybody. I just want to open the eyes of the mentioned, and yes they probably won't read blogs like mine, but if you have a friend like them, please have a little chit-chat about the importance of style. I matters a lot and it's not a matter of money.
There are a lot of more money-consuming hobby activities like photography, playing any musical instrument, golf or scuba diving and no one cares about those who like doing them. 

Why the fashion? Why do they suppose that if someone is interested, they must be a stupid bitch with her daddy's money (or gay if it's a guy)?

Feel free to share your point in the comments section!