Eliminate 80% / Pareto Principle

A couple of days ago I bumped into the 20-80% rule, the so called Pareto Principle or Pareto efficiency using an other term. It is called the law of the vital few. It basicly means that roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. In terms of fashion - 80% of our outfits come from 20% of our closets.

I thought about it hard and deep and reviewed my wardrobe and I have to agree with the principle. Almost 80% of my clothes just sleep in my wardrobe untouched while the remaining 20% get worn off super fast.

What to do now that we are aware of it? Reorganize. Throw away. Free some space. Eliminate the unneccessary.

What can be in your superfluous 80%? 

An amazingly uncomfortable pairs of shoes that you barely wear anymore, a black snake print still faux-leather looking leggings, an oversized tee (you never wear oversized pieces), a fur coat that make you look like a chubby polar bear, a coctail dress that is way too short to be appropriate or some very old t-shirts, jumpers or anything that doesn't fit you anymore. OK, I must admit that the above mentioned stuff is in my own 80% but I suppose I am not alone in the world with impulse shopping.

How do you like the idea? Does this "law" fits you and your closet?


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