TRENDSETTER | Bold/Printed/Flashy Pants

With my bodyshape (short legs to be more specific) I didn't dare to wear flashy pants for a long time only plain ones and skinny jeans but now I've realised they can be an option for me too supposing I choose and pair them properly. On supermodels everything looks perfect, they can put on whatever they/or designers want so they don't need to think about it. However, not everybody has that bodyshape so maybe we need some advice how to pair these beauties.

Under the photos I collected my experiences and advices.
Take them and stick out of the crowd.

Instructions for bold patterns:

- wear them with plain items
- put on heels to make your legs look skinnier and longer
- let them be the highlight of your outfit
- they look the best with neutrals
- watch for the patterns - you don't want to look like an elephant

Do you have flashy/bold pants? How do you pair them?
Please share it in the comments!

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"Like the night that we met, all black.
Like the color of your dress, all black"
/Good Charlotte - All Black/

I love black - this is the most classy colour for me and I just can't get enough of it. However, it is not easy to wear a mostly black closet. I have to pay attention for a couple of things to avoid the mourning effect. The most important thing is mixing different kinds of materials. It helps to divide each items from each other and emphasise their beauty. The easiest way to go is faux leather - it can spice up an all black outfit smartly.

There are other important things apart from that so I made a list from them under the photos.
Take the advices and shine in black.

How to wear black properly:

- use different kinds of materials to divide each items
- it looks best with blonde or at least lighter hair
- you can add little pops of colours in the accessories - neutrals are great too
- metallic jewelry can stick out beautifully from black - silver and rose gold are the best
- let your skin visible
- have neutral nails as well - nude, white, french

Do you like black? What are your tips to look great wearing it? 
Please share it in the comments!

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Wearing white is not an option for a lot of people e.g. for me it is hard not to dirty my white clothes in a minute. That's why I don't wear white as much as I would like to - but I'm in love with white t-shirts. I enjoy myself very much while browsing tumblr for white photos - they look so great. I wish I could stay that clean during my days, but sadly I can't. However, occasionally I have the opportunity to wear all white and I'd like to share my experience with you regarding what looks great and what you should avoid. 

Under the photos there are advices about this wonderful colour.
Take them and enjoy white.

Tips to wear white the best:

- use layering and mixing materials - leather, lace, silk
- wear statement pieces - necklaces, bracelets and rings
- white looks great on tanned skin
- use materials of different transparency
- you can have both neutral and vivid/colourful nails
- metallic jewelry work as well - silver and rose gold
- great with both dark and white hair

Do you like and wear white? 
Share your own tips in the comments!
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How To Spice Up Your Bag

I don't know if it is just me or I'm not alone but when I want to buy a new bag I always end up with a black one. I don't know why, maybe because black is so classy and I think I can pair it with everything, but the problem is that I think the same in case of coats, jeans ans shoes. Black is good and other colours are not reable enough. As a result I  managed to pile up a very huge closet mostly from black items and I always feel too dark when dressing up. The other day a wild idea appeared the I should start solving this problem with my bags, I mean there are a lot of oppurtunity according to high fashion. If you have the same problem, I offer you some kinds of solution based on fashionable designer items.

1, Inspired by the Louis Vuitton Fox Tails
Visually fox tail is a very good option but I have some problems with it. Firstly, I feel sorry for foxes. They are so adorable and don't deserve to die just to give us their tail as an accessory. Secondly, all the Louis Vuitton stuff are expensive as f*ck and I can't afford them neither now nor in the near future. A LV fox fur attachable tail charm costs $1,120. So starting up with these issues I found a better solution related to getting an attachable tail  - Dolls Kill Freaking Faux-fur-foxtails. 
They are faux, so no poor foxes had to die, they are affordable - they're on sale at $24 and they're available in 8 colours. Do we need more?

2, Inspired by the belted Burberry Bags
Well, every black bag looks better with belts but the square shaped ones can be the most easily spiced up by belts put around them. It makes a more sophisticated look and doesn't cost a fortune. You can use any kind of belts you want - colourful, studded, from all kinds of material, wide and narrow, with some patterns on them - it's up to you and your taste.
It seems this post is a lot about Dolls Kill, maybe because of my style, I like balancing between classy and edgy and a classy black bag is too boring for me. I collected two cool belts to use from DK, one with the sign "BON APETIT" and one with crosses on it. But as I said before - it's all up to you.

3, Inspired by the Miu Miu Bow Bags
To be honest I hate bows. I hate them because they are too sweet and charming but I realised that if you don't overuse them, they can be cool, like the Miu Miu bags. They have bows but I don't hate them, they have the balance I seek. When you spice up your bag keep the balance and don't let the bows take over control. It is again up to your style and taste - you can use different kinds of material, sizes, shapes.
I can mention again the Doll Kills webshop (no, they don't sponsor me) to take a look at, as they have some great items with bows that can be used during the bag "upspicing" project.

What do you do to spice up your bags? Any other great ideas from you? 
Please share in the comments!