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With my bodyshape (short legs to be more specific) I didn't dare to wear flashy pants for a long time only plain ones and skinny jeans but now I've realised they can be an option for me too supposing I choose and pair them properly. On supermodels everything looks perfect, they can put on whatever they/or designers want so they don't need to think about it. However, not everybody has that bodyshape so maybe we need some advice how to pair these beauties.

Under the photos I collected my experiences and advices.
Take them and stick out of the crowd.

Instructions for bold patterns:

- wear them with plain items
- put on heels to make your legs look skinnier and longer
- let them be the highlight of your outfit
- they look the best with neutrals
- watch for the patterns - you don't want to look like an elephant

Do you have flashy/bold pants? How do you pair them?
Please share it in the comments!

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Lejla said...

Good advices! I live printed clothing :)
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Beatricia Palcic said...

Share feelings about short legs dear! Love this advices! Thank you xx


Otro blog fashion said...

Great post, i love printed jeans


Lara Takahashi said...

I think printed jeans work for short legs as well. A friend of mine is under 1.60 m tall and for her colorful pants work great, I think it's about matching, just as you noted :)
x, Lara

EIDesign Glamour said...

good tips :-)
EIDesign Glamour

AN said...

I'm loving it!
I'm a huge fan of printed pants/leggings! My mother is always saying "oh no, another leggings!".
Would you like to follow each other? Let me know in my blog and I'll follow you back :)


with love,

Luba Dimitrova said...

great inspirations !

XX Luba

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Mrs C said...

Beautiful trend but I cannot see myself wearing them but I'll be admiring them on others!

Greetings from Dubai

Patricia G. said...

I wear it with t-shirts or white shirts and biket jacket!

Malin Rouge said...

i love printed pants and i'm not afraid of mixing patterns and colours :) but it's the easy way to pair them with plain clothes.



Gina said...

I love printed pants! :)

B. said...

I'm seeing those striped pants more and more but I'm too scared to buy them.
Great post, maybe I'll go and buy one after all.

Breahte Me

anoddgirl said...

great tips!! i'd always been afraid to wear printed pants because they make my legs look bigger but the tips are great to overcome this :)

Emma Mickie said...

Your tips inspires me to wear those flashy pants. I like all your printed leggings. So awesome!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

so cool x

Guylaine Fréderique said...

Cool post! Very inspiring.

moiminnie said...

Great advice, unfortunately I only have one pair of printed pants and I don't wear them very often. Maybe I should start though :) www.moiminnie.blogspot.com x

Caroline Susanto said...

I have a lot! hahahaa. I love combining them with plain sweater LOL

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Irène Latoudis said...

looove this post! really amazing!
thanks for sharing!! xoxo

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