How to Define Your Style

Last week I accepted the challenge to define my own style and I must admit it was not easy. I wrote a post about it and I'm almost satisfied with the article. But, I always can add something and change some labels. As our personality, our style changes as well and it is hard to put in into words that reflect the reality.

In this little note I write down and share with you a way to systematize your thoughts. A way that I used to do so with my own style.

First of all, create 3 or 4 outfits that are your favourites - put on your most loved items and dress up casually, in a sporty way, elegant and so on - what you usually do. Then imagine that the outfit is worn by a celebrity or something and you write the article about her/his style. Collect the signature items, use of colours and patterns, materials, determine that in what style they dress. It is much easier to do so with a stranger then with yourself so just imagine that that is not your outfit photo.

Secondly, explain it! Write down the keywords I mentioned above and explained why you choose them. Is it due to your lifestyle, job, hobby, favourite celebrity, style icon or something else? It is your choice what to wear so I suppose you know the answers.

Eventually, represent your style with some outfit photos showing off your highlights as a photo equals 1000 words.

I hope these mini tips were useful and you won't feel awkward when asked to describe your style. Also, when in doubt about buying or not buying something during shopping being aware of your style can be crutial. Good luck!

Source of photos: v-oguerunway.tumblr.com


Anonymous said...

I think sometimes it´s really hard to define my own style because I like to change my outfits.


Anonymous said...

Great suggestions! I feel like I change my style every week!

UnA said...

IT's hard for me to define my style too... I guess its versatile hehe

great post dear!


Becky P said...

Great tips dear! Thank you for this! Xx


Diana said...

Great tips! I think it is hard to explain style, common words like chic, elegant, fierce always come up but personal style is so much more than that.

xoxo, Diana ☠

Mrs C said...

Fabulous tips!


Maria João Silva said...

My style is so different every day, it's so hard to define!
Great post.

xx MJ

Caroline Topperman said...

This is great! I have such a hard time defining my style!

Rocío Córdoba said...

I love this selection!! XOXO

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