A Possible Way To Find Your Personal Style

Clothes can tell stories and clothes also can express ourpersonalities and intentions if we use them well. Making a tool of fashion allows us to give out information about us without saying a word.  

Isn’t it amazing? Mostly, it is.

However,we also have to avoid backfire, because if we do not dress up to what we want to communicate, it can cause trouble and it won’t fall out well. Let’s take dress code for example. In corporate surroundings,the sophisticated office look is recommended, but those who work in a creative athmosphere e. g. in an editorial room are allowed to loosen these conventional rules. Also, bridal dresses are white because they communicate the cleanliness of virginity, or at least they used to do so, today there is no significance  but that’s an other pair of shoes. The main point is that people have been using fashion as a tool to communicate their personalities for a long time and we should not give up on this pretty tradition.

Get to know yourself
The first step to be able to communicate what we wish is to find out what we wish. Simple as that. We must get to know ourselves and our goals.  The easiest way to do so is to write down to a piece of paper or to a notebook all the important features that describe us or the ones that we would like to describe us. We can choose many expressions, the only  requirement is that they must agree with our intentions and personalities.

Go Shopping and describe random items
Go to the local mall or any kind of clothing store and take a look around. Look for the garments that appeal to you at first sight. This way, you may set your eyes on something you would not pay attention to normally. After that, try to describe these targeted itemms. Why are they so appealing to you? What do you like about them?
Maybe, you’ll be surprised that many of those descriptions will reflect your own description of yourself. E.g. if you have a complex personality and tend to lost in details, you get set your eyes on a mixed material piece of clothes that you can wear in different styles.
If you are an introvert who doesn’t like to be int he center of attention, you tend to set your eyes on a plaid, neutral coloured item that doesn’t  raise much attention therefore won’t hobble you.

Experiment a lot
You don’t have to make it more difficult than it should be and don’t need to get lost in  the abundance of shopping guides . The easiest way is to try on everything that seems proper at the first sight. Don’t worry, you will realise if something is wrong, something doesn’t suit you - colour, shape, style.
Spend  enough time in the fitting room to be able to analize the chosen pieces. Does it communicate what you want it to? E. g. if you want to be taken seriously do not chose silly, childish or too sporty items, people in normal life won’t  appreciate something like the Philip Lim Boomsweater.

The advice about can help you choose, but the main point is that you should always, under any circumstances feel good in what you’re wearing.


Soul Fishing said...

Yup,I think that experimenting with new items in the key to great style:)



Shannon Boyce said...

These are some fantastic tips! :)

Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog - Girlie Blog Seattle said...

Fantastic advice. Now that I'm in my 30's and know more about myself, I find my fashion sense becoming more solid too.
Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Style

jhoicexoxo said...

Thanks for these tips! Very informative..


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